Terrible twos, I smell poop!

Toddlers! It seems like they enjoy doing everything you tell them not to at this point. This is the age when they will push limits, and even sometimes injure poor mom and dad with a few unsuspected head butt attacks. This is the time where they know what you say and the do the opposite for giggles! So how do we as parents cope? Most of us don’t now a days.

There are so many children being beat and abused in their own homes because parents cannot handle the frustration of a toddler or crying baby. I don’t even need to post statistics, the news reports speak for themselves. Neglectful and bad tempered parenting is out of control these days.Fathers don’t have the knowledge, support, or sometimes the heart to hold back and not injure or kill a child in anger. Mothers will go too far suffering with depression without going for help, or don’t have the support or help they need to keep themselves sane enough to be a parent. Sometimes, its just coldblood murder. Whatever the case, there is something seriously wrong here. What is missing?

Ooh oh! Pick me! I know!


Yes, I said it, many people cannot cope with the real responsibilty of raising a child without god being front and center, and still have a peaceful happy life. God loves his children, all of us. He wants us to come to him with our frustrations, concerns, feelings. He wants us to ask him for peace and claim his promise.

I can attest to feeling like I have been at the end of my rope, about to snap. Feeling and thinking things that I just look back and say: what was wrong with me!?
A while back I began turning on my local christian radio station throughout the day and I have been feeling loads better, not to mention gardening is a wonderful anti-depressant. More than that, spending more time in prayer has helped immeasurably.

When I pray, I ask for patience, discernment, and understanding. He gives it to me, but it is tested in equal measure! The bottom line is, toddlers will be toddlers! It is better to ask god to change you and allow for you to set a good example and a firm hand when needed. Eventually (I have to remind myself hourly it seems….) this won’t be an issue and I will even miss his evil little cackle. So for now, I’m off to mop floors, pray, and smile, because I know that this life is only temporary and where I put in love and understanding, I will receive it tenfold from my heavenly father. I also aim to be the kind of person I want my son to be, and that should apply to all parents! No matter your beliefs. Our children are the worlds future!

Psalm 55:22

Cast your cares on the lord, and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.


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