Addictions and Transformation

The Word Against The World

What is yours?

A few months back, I had quite a few of them! I was addicted to nicotine for about 5 years, I was definitely someone with an addictive personality. I would get glued to pretty much EVERYTHING, from TV shows, to alcohol, to nicotine. I was addicted to food and ate quite a bit more than I should and gained a good 40-50 lbs. I fortunately had the sense, or at least the luck to not be exposed to any of the harder drugs like cocaine or heroin, but if I were around others doing it, I probably would have. I had what some would call NO SELF CONTROL.

Years ago I struggled with sexual addiction. Nearly destroying my marriage God saved me from that, but in my folly, I allowed myself to fall into other patterns of addiction.

It was who I was, I couldn’t help it.

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